Ever heard the story about The BeerMonger? 

Once upon a time there was a beer lover, commuting every morning, day after day, to a desk job in Glasgow.

Fed up of said job and of industrially produced beer it became our Monger mission to spend every waking minute in the search of good beer and, you know…trying the occasional IPA.

In our home, the south west of Scotland, we are short of a few good bottle shops and frankly we think the good people of Ayrshire deserve more. 

Whisper it 3 times and it will appear.. The BeerMonger…The BeerMonger…The Beer…well hello BeerMonger!

Becoming a Monger

Soon a sketchy sketch on the back of an envelope became a business plan and, with some encouraging contributions from friends and family, the once far off concept of working with beer was soon within grasp.

Carving an identity

The BeerMonger wishes to make shopping for beer a special event, both online and in the shop. A comfortable place where you can come in, have a chat, get some good beers and generally hang out. 

Selling beer

The name of the game is to get other people involved and passionate about what we think is good beer. The birth of The BeerMonger is upon us.

Making friends

Focus is now on developing trusting relationships with brewers and listening to customer feedback. Maybe then we’ll have a long hard look at making our own good brews!